• Engineering Plastics
  • Multi-component injection moulding
  • Overmoulding on
    Composite Laminates
  • Overmoulding on Inserts
  • In Mould Decoration
  • Metal Replacement

The moulding department has 22 Arburg injection machines, each equipped to provide high-level performance in production. The fleet evolved throughout the years to welcome parts of small and medium size, with clamping forces from 30T up to 320T.

Constant update on materials combined with peculiar expertise on technical items, enables Gammaplast to handle applications characterised by complex processes, such as projects in the field of lightening weights and metal replacement.

“We do mould reinforced materials, mainly with short fibre. Since 2012 we manage the over-injection of a composite laminate, either with glass or carbon fibre, for applications with multi-component injection.”

By the use of industrial automation and robotics, Gammaplast is able to implement several applications, and to address goals of both technical and aesthetic character.

The IMD - In Mould Decoration is one of the fields where the Company can boast expertise, a technology that allows customizing a very technical product with substantial quality in aesthetic.

“We have fit the new 160T multi-component press with a neighbouring cell, dedicated to anthropomorphic robotics. The goal is to broaden the range of our potential processes, while increasing efficiency.”