• Automatic and
    semi-automatic Assembling
  • Mechatronic Area
  • Automation on-board machine
    and at the end of line

Opened in 2003, the Department of assembling and automatic threading has grown constantly, becoming, together with the Tool Shop, a small incubator for industrial automation.

This is a valuable asset within the services offered by the Company: when plastic items and inserts or mechanical parts need to fit together, Gammaplast can deliver a final product.

After a decade of experience in conventional automation, the Company moved towards the search for greater flexibility. Gammaplast has thus developed a system for assembling, that overcome some of the limitations of other methods, especially the fact that those systems can handle only one product in their lifetime.

The Mechatronic area, which integrates a Denso robot, a vision system and innovative technologies for industrial handling, in fact is able to manage up to six different components, without distinction as regards both their shape and their technical specifications. This enables a versatile use of the system, according to the requirements of each product.

“The Mechatronic area does not, and perhaps cannot, aim to compete with traditional systems, speaking of high volumes. It is a viable alternative for those products where clients still have no certainty about the 'numbers', but are willing to attack the market rapidly, without the tie of immobilizing soon considerable capital in equipment.”