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Gammaplast is born in 2001 by the vision of its young founders, thereafter tends towards a fast transformation into a well-established Company.

Today the headquarter includes - in addition to the productive plant consisting of 18 Arburg injection moulding machines - the Engineering department, a Tool Shop for the design and manufacture of moulds, the department for Automatic Assembling, the Management, the Quality Division, Purchasing and Sales, as well the Marketing and Communication plus the R&D activities.

“We believe that the best way to create products and provide services, which are suitable as keys to the economic growth of our final clients, means being aware of our capabilities and to invest in those values that make us unique. In essence: we work to grow with our partners.”

Precision is Creative

The Company founds on a deep knowledge of the injection moulding industry, on the experience gained up today by a working group who unite different kinds of domain skills. The vertical integration of the design, engineering and production stages is the perfect showcase for expertise.

Constant Evolution

While technology keep changing, a connotative feature remains the "vision" of Gammaplast: a personal and distinctive approach with which the Company interfaces the market and its stakeholders. The style makes it unique and determines strategic choices.


Gammaplast founds on the concept of optimisation, both in the productive and in the management area; this is a strength, an incentive to growth. Positive results make possible a rapid expansion of the Company structure; year after year services are increasing with steady build-up, thanks to investments in both technology and R&D.